Video Production:

  • Elegant Camera Movement via tracks, dollies, motion controlled sliders, jibs or Steadicam
  • Extensive Cinematic Lighting Capabilities
  • HD Video Acquisition up to 4K
  • Frame Rates up to 480fps at full HD

Post Production:

  • Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Compositing, Effects and Motion Graphics in Adobe After Effects & Photoshop
  • Voiceover Recording
  • DVD Authoring
  • Scoring

Notable Equipment

  • 12′ Production Trailer
  • Sony 4K Super35 CineAlta PXW-FS5 fitted for Nikon primes, Canon & Sony Lenses
  • Sony Super35 CineAlta NEX-FS700R fitted for Nikon primes, Canon & Sony lenses
  • Prime Lenses: Voigtlander 10mm rectilinear, Nikon: 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm, 200mm, 300mm
  • Zoom Lenses: 15-30mm, 35-105mm, 24-105mm, 28-70mm, 28-105mm
  • Rail System w/ swing-out Matt Box, Follow Focus & Schneider True 4×5.65″ Polarizer
  • Senheiser MKH416 Short Shotgun mic w/ windscreen & fur, Lectrosonics wireless (x2), Sony lapels
  • Daylight LED Floods (0-100% dimmable), 10-70 degree focusable Daylight LED Fresnels (0-100% dimmable)
  • HMIs & Various Tungsten Lights, dimmable gobo projectors, various cookies, shadow patterns, gobos & gels
  • Motorized slider rig, repeatable motion & focus control, straight and curved tracks with matching dollies
  • Various jibs, booms & cranes, sliders
  • Video assist field monitors up to 17″
  • 6K Inspire 2 Drone w/ Zenmuse X7 Super35 Sensor w/ 14 stops dynamic range
  • Large & Lightweight Teleprompters
  • Genuine Steadicam